Here are the features planned for upcoming issues of Infiltration:

  1. Where Are They Now?: A look back at some of the spots Infiltration has covered in its first five years of publication. What's changed? Has this zine made it harder to explore certain places?

  2. Houses of the Holy: Because people are slightly reluctant to bulldoze them, churches and other places-o-worship® are often among the oldest and most interesting buildings in town. Infiltration personnel will peer inside cathedrals, seminaries, temples, tombs and religious buildings of all sorts to find out what this whole god business is all about.

  3. Secret Societies: Continuing along the same lines, Infiltration will make a nuisance of itself by attempting to take a closer look at various organizations that don't like being looked at, such as the Masons, the Foresters, the Church of Scientology and alien invaders that look like people but actually are just here in order to eat our flesh.

Other areas being considered are underground labyrinths, stadiums and concert halls, and water works. If you have anything to contribute on any of these subjects, please write!

Published issues (1-17) are available for $2 cash each (US or Cnd, postpaid). You can pick up the entire bundle for $32. Please do not send cheques or money orders; well-concealed cash will make it through the mail just fine. No, I don't accept PayPal or anything like that.

PO Box 13
Station E
Toronto, ON

On topic submissions and letters to the editor will gladly be accepted in lieu of cash, and "Do Not Enter" signs from hotels are always good bribes.

Back The full, paper version of Infiltration can be ordered for $2 cash (US or Cnd) from Infiltration, PO Box 13, Station E, Toronto, Ontario, M6H 4E1, Canada. Please toss any comments, queries or contributions to Ninjalicious.