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Journal: Guy-Concordia Metro Station

We passed on climbing up the inside of the escalator and went to inspect a dangerous mechanical room instead.
Guy-Concordia Metro (November 2002): Liz and I had just entered Montreal's Guy-Concordia Metro station and hopped on a very long escalator down when it occurred to me that I'd seen an open door out of the corner of my eye. When we got to the bottom, we headed back up to check it out. The door in question was marked authorized personnel only (or its French equivalent) and was only a couple of feet away from the collector's booth, but the collector was pretty busy, so we decided to give it a whirl, and so plunged into the beige and grey hallways beyond.
       After first looking at some storage and janitorial areas, we headed down a flight of stairs. We emerged at the bottom of the underside of a very tall, very loud bank of escalators. Steps led up narrow passages between the sets of escalators, but we decided not to head up, just in case an employee was behind us somewhere. Continuing to another mechanical room, this one at the top of the underside of a very tall, very loud bank of elevators, we noticed a little duffel bag filled with electronic equipment and protruding wires in one corner, surrounded by yellow "DANGER DANGER DANGER" tape. I had the initial thought that it was a bomb, but then what sort of terrorist would be so considerate as to bother with the danger tape? On closer inspection, it looked to me like some sort of measuring device. I couldn't quite guess what they might be measuring. Something dangerous, I guess.

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