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Ars Subterranea - A New York organization devoted to the preservation of historic architecture.
Abandoned Stations - Database-style presentation of facts and pictures related to unused stations around the city.
Buffalo Central Terminal - Local link to an article about one of the most beautiful abandoned buildings in the world.
Cereal Trespassers - Touring abandoned asylums, jails and more in a quest to find out who stole their Lucky Charms (currently down, hopefully temporarily).
Exploring and Modern Ruins - Abandoned buildings in Pennsylvania and New York's Hudson Valley.
Exploring Buffalo - Some very nice black-and-white pictures of abandoned structures in Buffalo.
Abandoned Asylum - Abandoned asylums in New York and Massachusetts.
Abandoned Buildings of the Northeast - Photos of abandoned buildings in eastern New York and western Connecticut.
Atlantic Avenue Tunnel - An abandoned subway tunnel under New York City, now open for public tours.
Dark Passage - Artsy and high-concept adventures from a tunnel- and asylum-loving group based in NYC.
Explored NY - Poking into houses, factories, cemeteries, hospitals, churches and underground locations around New York State.
Explorer Productions - Trips to some ships and some abandoned asylums in and around upstate New York and New York City.
Forgotten NY - A site about New York as it was, featuring a good deal of material on abandoned subway tunnels and stations.
Forsaken Places - Looks at a wide variety of abandoned locations around northwestern New York.
Hudson Valley Ruins - A portal to two different guides to abandoned buildings in the Hudson Valley. Both are excellent.
Industrial New York - A very nicely designed site featuring a wide variety of abandoned locations in New York City and Rochester, some of which are industrial and some of which aren't.
Institutional Green - Lovely site devoted to "finding beauty in the dissonance" via black-and-white photos of the abandoned buildings of Buffalo.
Jinx - Fantastic site featuring many great articles, pictures and videos related to urban exploration and other subjects in New York City and beyond.
Kings Park Psychiatric Center - Mission eports broken down by building name or number; unfortunately, no background info.
LTV Squad - Tons of pictures of and expeditions to tunnels and abandoned sites around NYC found in the group's "never ending quest to find bold new places to have sex at."
Long Island Oddities - Site of a zine featuring some trips to abandoned buildings, but unfortunately also featuring ghosts, UFOs and all that nonsense.
Netherworld - Not a lot of text so far, but some nice pictures of tunnels, bridges and abandoned locations around NYC.
Northstar Gallery - The Bone Yard - Abandoned boats and tugs in NYC.
Opacity - Site featuring excellent design, inspiring photos and detailed write-ups of tempting locations around New York and New England.
Pines Hotel - An extensive photo-documentary of the Pines Hotel in Fallsburg. Includes pre-abandonment commentary, photos and a discussion board.
Rochester Subway - Local link to an article about the abandoned subway line under downtown Rochester.
Synesthetic Light - Pretty pictures from empty buildings. No words.
Undercity - Photos and stories relating to tunnels and empty spaces under NYC. Impressive safety section.
UENY - A group site featuring missions to a variety of abandoned sites, including buildings and boats.
Urban Explorer of Buffalo - A well designed page featuring professional-quality photos of abandoned buildings in Buffalo and Niagara Falls.
Urbanlens - Excellent photos and videos are available at this NYC-based site.