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Angels of the Underground - Flash-only site of a group of Toronto explorers.
Function - A stylishly chaotic collection of images focusing on decay in downtown Toronto.
Hamilton Urban Exploration Journals - An inconsistently designed set of pages describing one explorer's past and future excursions (no photos yet, and not much text either).
HR Urban Exploration - Extremely under construction site featuring photos of abandoned buildings in Whitby and Oshawa.
Infiltration - You are here, so clicking this link would be pointless. Don't waste your time.
Infiltrators: Be Quick or Be Dead - Pics, maps and descriptions related to several sites in Oakville, as well as a glossary and some legal advice.
Margins of Paradise - Graffiti and urban exploration photos mostly from around Toronto.
Nanoman's Piccah Page - Information relating to Whitby Psychiatic Hospital.
Ontario Abandoned Places - Awkward-to-navigate site with some useful information and some pictures relating to abandoned towns around the province. Lots of locations covered.
Recession Art - Photos of abandoned industrial sites around Ontario — unfortunately, no descriptions of the trips or the photos are available.
Subway Secrets at Cygnals - Pictures and accounts of tours of Toronto's abandoned subway stations.
The Urban Landscape - Urban exploration in Ottawa, Gatineau and Montreal; focussed on abandoned buildings so far.
Undaground - Pictures and some text about expeditions to the top of the Royal York hotel and under the former Degrassi High.
Underground Belleville - Some photos and mission reports from a now-disbanded group of explorers based in Belleville.
University of Waterloo Service Tunnels - A brief photo tour of the tunnels under the University of Waterloo.
Urban Exploration Barrie - A loose affiliation of folks from in and around the Barrie Ontario area.
Urban-Ex London - They say not to be confused with "Urban Exploration London", but if that's the case why did they use this name? Anyhow, a site about exploring London and southwest Ontario.
Urban Exploration London - A well-established group of explorers exploring abandoned buildings and drains near the mighty Thames.
Urban Exploration Resource - Advice and discussion about some of the popular tunnels and abandoned buildings around Toronto.
Vanishing Point - An encyclopedic guide to Ontario drains, featuring useful advice, interesting write-ups and incredible photographs. Inspiring.
Viewing Hole Gallery - Good pictures and commentary on several expeditions, mostly in the Toronto area.