"In its own modest way, this zine 'about going places you're not supposed to go' encompasses the essential tenets of great exploration writing.... It is, quite simply, an impressive text, a classic of new Canadian exploration writing, and an awesome reflection of the banality of our urban environment." --Hal Niedzviecki, broken pencil

"I get the feeling that these kids would get excited sneaking into their parent's closet. If you've just graduated from playing Nicky Nicky Nine Doors and pressing all the buttons in the elevator, then this is the zine for you." --Bic Papermate, SLAM Magazine

"Subtitled 'The zine about places you're not supposed to go', this cool zine is kind of like a hacker's guide to inner city exploration. Hotels, hospitals, subways all pose enticing signs of WELCOME to the author of this zine, signed 'Ninjalicious'. Full of pictures and adventures! Highly recommended." --Danny Drennan, Inquisitor

"You can't help but be taken in by the sheer devilish curiosity and benevolent mischief of this person." -- Stephen Bourne, Party Pooper

"I can think of only one word to describe this 'zine: giddy. This is the product of a mind gloriously drunk on newfound power... Utterly fantastic." -- Babel: Toronto Tower's Magazine Zine

"Very unique and very recommended." --Ralph Alfonzo, Ralph

"This zine is the most brilliant thing to come along in a long time and continues to get better. Complete with pictures and in-depth reporting of the areas infiltrated, you can't help but be fascinated and inspired by the explorers involved here." --Kerry Swinney, Speck

"Vicariously through Infiltration, I have been able to carry out my childhood/childish dream to live the life of a covert spy." --Azusa Nakamura

"This is one of the best conceptualized, informative, planned and professional-looking zines I've come across in my short time of zining. If you have the SLIGHTEST interest in what people don't want you to see, get this pronto." -- Connie Tsang, Pimento

"Pick of the month! All the expeditions are documented with maps and photos that make me want to dress like a cat burglar and slink around beneath the city too. I love zines that do that! Highly recommended - I'm subscribing." -- MaximumRockNRoll

"...Toronto-based zine that is galvanizing tunnelmania." -- Bill Donahue, Metropolis

"This is the ultimate in the underground press, highly recommended, at an absurdly low price." -- Doug Holland, Zine World

Back The full, paper version of Infiltration can be ordered for $2 cash (US or Cnd) from Infiltration, PO Box 13, Station E, Toronto, Ontario, M6H 4E1, Canada. Please toss any comments, queries or contributions to Ninjalicious.