One of the United States' largest universities...underground....and other interesting stuff.

Depending on who you talk to, Ohio State University (it's in Ohio!) is either the first or second largest university in the United States. Actually, it is pretty big considering that the Columbus campus:

(As if you really cared!)

Anyways, aboveground OSU there are several points of interest:

(blah, blah, blah...)

I know what you REALLY came for! Just a word of caution: This site is for informational purposes only! Going into college steam tunnels is a very dangerous and illegal activity. I suggest that you NEVER go down there. I know that I never would. But if you do, I am not responsible for you and your friends when, in an alcoholic state of mind, you decide to explore the tunnels and you trip on a pipe, spill your beer, hit your head, fall down, get burned by steam and get arrested and/or killed.

Alright now. Let's go exploring!

Updated January 23, 1999