Navigation Code for the Urban Exploration Ring

If you want to join the Urban Exploration Webring, or just want to update the code on your existing site, just copy and paste the code below onto the relevant page(s):

<TD NOWRAP><A HREF=""><IMG SRC="" WIDTH=42 HEIGHT=14 ALIGN="left" ALT="Maglite" BORDER="0"></A>
<FONT FACE="verdana, sans-serif" SIZE="1" COLOR="#999999"><B> The Urban Exploration Ring </B>
 [ <A HREF="" TARGET="_top">Join Now</A>
| <A HREF="" TARGET="_top">Ring Hub</A>
| <A HREF="" TARGET="_top">Random</A>
| <A HREF="" TARGET="_top"><B>&lt;&lt;Prev</B></A>
| <A HREF="" TARGET="_top"><B>Next&gt;&gt;</B></A>
] </FONT></TD>

This yields the following understated navigation bar:

Maglite The Urban Exploration Ring [ Join Now | Ring Hub | Random | <<Prev | Next>> ]
This code has been updated so it works well with the newer Mozilla-flavoured browsers (Firefox, etc.) as well as Internet Explorer. Obviously, you should substitute your site's two-or-three-digit site number in the four spots where "YOUR_NUMBER" is indicated. This number was probably e-mailed to you when you applied to join the ring, but if you've forgotten it, you can ask Ninj.

Once you've added that code your main page (and your splash page, if applicable), please click this link to actually join the Webring.

After you've signed up, please consider subscribing to the Infilnews list, as news about the Urban Exploration Ring appears there occasionally. (You can read about the list here.)