Infiltration: the zine about going places you're not supposed to go, is a paper publication devoted to the art of urban exploration, a sort of interior tourism which allows the curious-minded to discover behind-the-scenes sights and have a lot of free fun.

Infiltration features editorials, exploring advice and information, articles on recent expeditions, and interviews, all illustrated with maps, pictures and diagrams.

Single copies of the current issue and back issues (1-22) are available for $3 cash each (US or Cnd, including postage within North America). If you want a better price, you can pick up all the back issues for $45 cash or take out a four-issue subscription for $10 cash. Please do not send cheques or money orders; well-concealed cash will make it through the mail just fine.

PO Box 13
Station E
Toronto, ON

While this site is lovely, I assure you the paper zine is even better. If you don't believe me, read the reviews from magazines like Broken Pencil, Maximumrocknroll and Wired News.

Back The full, paper version of Infiltration can be ordered for $2 cash (US or Cnd) from Infiltration, PO Box 13, Station E, Toronto, Ontario, M6H 4E1, Canada. Please toss any comments, queries or contributions to Ninjalicious.